July 26, 2014

005 Fox and Tanuki

Inspired by a fellow artist on instagram [inkydragon], I drew some ideas for a cover design for a wooden pocket art box. Either a rooster comb fox or a tea leaf Tanuki. Using colored pencils.

July 7, 2014

004 Fox's Odyssey sketching

Some simple sketches for a comic I've been working on. Fox's brother rabbit.

June 16, 2014

003 Beno Is cast

I've been working on a mini project. This will either be a children's picture book or a comic strip series. The title will be Beno Is, Beno and the Friendly Forest, or Friendly Forest.

Beno the Rabbit - a benevolent little rabbit whose sole wish is to help thy neighbor.

Vulpo the Fox - a snooty fox with a high class air. Vulpo looks down on his woodland neighbors.

Rocco the Raccoon - a cape wearing raccoon thief whose cape doubles as a knapsack.

Usso the Bear - a big black bear and keeper of the forest. Usso looks after Beno.

(More to come)

June 5, 2014